Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Julie/Julia Project : 1 # 246

Hey peeps, whaddup! Here's an update from me life Astro movie channel is canceled..big boo hoo actually, but my own bloody fault to. I spend more on me lappie than in front of the tv, I can actually count how many movies I saw @ astro on a monthly basis. (2-3 at least) it's better to cancel it than pay rm40? for that 3 channels. At least AXN, FOX and Star World is still intact, I can live with those 3 channels,I hope..Anyhoot, I just recently realized that IMDB promotes list of movies from users of that site. I read through a couple, and they're pretty neato..most are pretentious but there are a few in which I deemed reasonable and fun...cause watching movies for me is mostly bout that...having fun fun fun looking forward to the weekends (*sorry can't help it)

So have a look at this list, I liked it with few exceptions but I can look away with those few weird choices (*cough Twilight)

I like this list, it's fun..non pretentious ..not really that artsy fartsy and pretty epic..It got some of my fav movie ever!..and again..some weird ones..So I figured..why not follow this list like what that red haired chic (name escapes me now) in Julie/Julia. It'll be some sort of a weekend project for me. But being reasonable to self, unlike Julie/Julia..I'll watch only one or two movies per week and only during the weekends. Weekdays are spent on tv shows..which is a lot..gotta cut off some. So last week I start the first movie..I picked Fallen..which I haven't seen before.

Fallen 1998

Kinda like Seven, not as great but it delivers. The villain was rad! him/it, Although at one point I did utter "how the hell is he gonna beat this bitch?"..the villain was just too amazing. Great power, and was well utilized...the scene where he was stalking Embeth Davids was well made, scary shit..not screaming scary but brrr scary. Oh and Embeth..pretty!..she still is anyway.
Denzel was cool, I don't think it was much a stretch for him..he basically plays this sort of character yearly. I like or hate it was cool. eer what else..Oh John Goodman was also cool..I normally see him as this funny big guy..but here he delivers his dramatic/rage scenes to a T. Finally that ending..I dug and hate it at the same time..I like the twist.Really like it..but I don't like ..erm how should I put it without spoiling...erm ok I'll just say this..A CAT?!?!?! yesh!

So good first movie in this 200 plus movie..a lot more to go.
Also would like to note, that a lot of my officemate have seen this movie before..weird..How could I have missed this gem? ..oh well

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