Thursday, July 14, 2011

It ended.. :(

Tau tak betapa susahnyer nak cari geng (in my clique that is) Pothead nak berwayang ngan aku?..semua dah terpedaya ngan Transformers 3 (pfft) each their own lah kot. Me, personally mmg suka fantasy matter how dorky it loose yourself in a fantasy world is fun man..dulu kecik2 mmg berangan Dungeons & Dragons or apa2 lah sewaktu ngannyer (Never Ending Story) Potter..mmg buat the inner child in me happy..way happy.

So the movie..xdalah panjang sangat aku nak review..aku tgk ramai dah tulis (cepat gak komer yeh..aku ingatkan aku sorang gila). But bagi aku start dengan nyatakan I don't read the book...malah I rarely read..aku visual person kot..entah..books tend to make me sleepy, except comics..comics are rad (I'm a dork I know)

Like the first Deathly Hallows, I love how the movie begins, we can feel the intensity that something is coming, everyone is in one is safe...bleak bleak bleak! (but it works for the movie)..then the search begins for the horcrux?...great pacing..not boring at all..but to call it action packed..don't think (white blinding light room scene)..but stuff do happen.

My favorite scene would definitely be, when Voldemort whisper in the Hogwarts student ears basically demanding em to bring forth Potter, brrr much? The fear was was then I realized these KIDS are in it for real...then comes the battle..and what a mighty battle it was..from the shield spell conjured from the Staff/Teachers up till the end..when..ok aku stop.

However there is one thing I would like to see more, I would like to see more of the casualties in action..I know only one who's gonna die (I repeat I don't read the book)..and I was hoping to at least see he/she fight till the end..the dude/chic was sorta a big side character for crying out loud. What they gave us is just the bodies and the people around em mourning..HOWEVER...the dude/chic in question did have an aaaww nice scene with his/her (letih kena type camnih) sibling before the battle starts..which was actually kinda nice.

Ok before I end, cause I promise this will be short..Maggie Smith's (aku tak ingat nama character) scene "I always wanted to do that!"...really really cracks me up!...I laughed out loud reaaaall hard...cause I really didn't expect that. Ok tu jer...anyway thanks did well...all 8 movies was a-ok for me..sniff.


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