Sunday, April 30, 2006

Masters of Horror Part3

Ok let's finish this up,

10.Sick girl

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Plot : Lesbian love....yadayadayada...enters a big ass bug(corny looking btw)...all hell breaks loose

Verdict : Me likey this story.Me likey Angela Bettis,she's an excellent actress.Like in MAY she potrays yet another weird,goofy,shy young woman..and I lovee it!The characters is what draws me most into this flick.All awesomely potrayed.Storywise...very direct but it sticks with u,oh!but there is 1 twist in it...a small one but still a twist.Gore?Hmmm got some...but this flick is more towards the icky factor..slime here and there.All in all a great story..with a corny looking bug(this is my 1 negative thing in this flick)

Who : Lucky McKee,Director(he did MAY,no wonder huh)..Angela Bettis(Ida)...and Erin Brown (Misty)

So : #2

11.Pick Me Up

Plot : Two serial killers,different style but one purpose.Killing hitchikers!(...and other unlucky people)

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Verdict : Very veryyyyy typical.Its the same thing over and over again...but 1 difference,2 killers (oh shocker!!,yes I am beeing sarcastic)There's nothing that special in this's just watchable..if you've watched The Hitcher or Joy Ride..,u wont miss much..Heck!once on astro,there was this episode of Horror special something..that was just the same as this one...2 killers,1 run run...scream...yeah! she wins.(im not spoiling anything mind u).But if u are a fan of Faizura Balk or just plain like her(like me)it doesnt hurt to watch this an itsy bitsy twist at the end here..but nothing to go "OHHHHHHHH MY GOD!".

So : #10

Who : Larry Cohen,Director(ehehe not familiar)...Actor: Fairuza Balk (Stacia),was great in The Craft

12.Haeckel's Tale

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Plot : The tale of a guy who finds shelter in a couple's cabin.But the couple is hiding something..something that lives in the woods..

Verdict : Ok first of..sorry for the poyo plot.Ok moving on..hmmm what can I say bout this flick...well it's ok.Like before...doesnt bring anything new or excitment for me,but it wasn't bad...just..erm slow I guess,and there wasn't fright factor in here.It was disturbing though..i'll give em that..but I wont rush to see this flick again..

Who : Clive Barker,Director(Hellraiser!woopeee!).Actors , Leela Savasta (Elise Wolfram), Derek Cecil (Ernst Haeckel)

So : #9

13. Imprint

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Plot : An American journalist in 19th century Japan is hoping to find the love he left behind. His long search leads him to a dark island where the only sanctuary is a brothel. He ends up spending the night with an interesting woman where he learns that some things are better off left in the past.

Verdict : Ok this got to be the best episode of the bunch!It is sooooooo freaky,disturbing,bleak,eerie nak mampus.The torture scene is to die for!God how the asians(cam aku bukan asian jer)know how to make people wince.Storywise gooooooood!Weird and twisted...I was almost lost..but found myself again then got lost at the ending,but I dont care.All i know is that i really really enjoyed this episode..Actingwise..the asian lady was great..but the englishman,over the top.

Who : Takashi Mike,director (azmir fill me in with his movie pliss,ur the pro bout him here).Actors ,Youki Kudoh ,Billy Drago ,Michie Ito .

So : 1

2.Sick Girl
3.Incident On and Off A Mountain Road
5.Fair Haired Child
6.Dreams in the Witch House
8.Deer Woman
9.Haekel's Tale
10.Pick Me Up
11.Dance of the Dead
12.Cigarette Burns


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