Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Aku Selalu Akan Ingat Apa Terjadi Musim Panas Arituh..or cam jaa ckp..aritewwwwww

That day kan on my first day, ada sorang celaka nih langgor aku,first day lak tuh.Aku taktau lah nak take it as karma ke...omen ke..prophercy ke...tapi gila rasa down...dah ler cina tuh agak celaka..duk tunda2 nak bayar.HEY mau jer aku pakat ngan Jaa pull a i know what u did kat mamat tuh..suh jaa pakai raincoat..pastuh golek2 atas mamat tuh cam nak wat capatti...anyway heharap esok dia bayar lah yeh..dah emo maksima..dah ler kereta baruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!OH dan nik congrats kerana berjaya masuk top 10 Mentor tunjuk ajar mak ayamku.



So finally i got to see i'll always know what you did last summer(all the previous cast are not it sight..thank god!Brandy anyone??!?!?)..let's review ek...

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Plot : Some teens(yg IN) decided to have some fun by scaring the shit out of their friends(yg OUT) during the 4th of July carnival.And like the earlier entry of the I know..franchise..something went wrong and someone died.So also like the earlier entry..they made a pack to never reveal that they are behind the incident.So a year they have drifted appart from each other..the heroine got an sms "I know what You Did Last Summer" she freak out..and seek the other who are involved.Is it a prank or a real threat?

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Verdict : I was expecting the worst..but it aint that bad.Where shall i start?...erm ok acting,actually it ain't that bad..eventhough ALL of them are a bunch of nobodies..but at least I can bear with them and their character(Brandy).BUT some of the characters really2 did some stupid stuff.

It's like in Wes Craven's They,there's this girl who is one of those people that will be taken..but she happily went swimming alone!andin the dark...and I was like what the heck are u thinking woman!..seriously if i'm the one who's making the dialogue..this is what i will come out with Woman with big thigh :"Lalalalala..oh im going swimming cause nothing will happend to me,eventhough my friend just bite the dust early on."...basically what im trying to say is that there are chances for some of them to live...BUT because they are toooooo clever..that's why they end up dead.

Editing is very seems like going all flashy is the in thing now,luckily unlike Death Tunnel who overdid this style...IAKWYDLS kept it simple and at the right time.Score..cewah nak comment score lak..

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Moving on..blood and gore are cool enuff..some hook work here and there.But what I didn't really like is the hookman's new seems off in a way,maybe it was too small...or because it wasn't played by the original dude.There is a bit of a continuance from the previous entry,it didnt explain what actually happend but after going through this kinda make sense(meaning the ending in I still..)..

Apart from that, i think it's really an OK entry.Deserve a 2.5/5...nuthing really new..but entertaining enuff.

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that bout it...see u in 10 years when i review...i still remember what u did 10 summers ago.


duan said...

yo dude!!

amacam kerja baru??...tak story-mory pon kat aku, nak tau la jugak macam mana ok ke idak ok ke

kete kena langgor?? teruk ke. i dont think it's karma..karma is when you do bad things...bad things will get bad to you...macam dalam My Name Is Earl tuu.. lain la kalau ko ada langgar/rosakkan kete org lain dulu2...baru la karma

anyway good luck keje baru hope you like it..

reza said...

karma kerana derhaka pada ibu bapa

Che underscore Lee said...

ahahaha karma kerana letak kereta bapak kat luar yer? huhu...

anyway kalau ade I Know What You Did 10 Summers Ago cam best gak kan? Giller ah 10 tahun carik balik tuh!

So IAKWYDLS ni ade nudity hebat tak? any flashers ke? oopsies bloopers?

Dela said...

apa?!?!?!?! green thingy di langgar??? teruk ker?? sayang okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!! bau baru dia tu tak ilang lagiiii....hala...sian kor....marah ching chong ching chong!...

reza said...

aah kena langgor...takper..ok lagi dari rempuh masuk rumah orang

reza said...

izar : tiada lucah,wanita tukar pakaian adalah..intrested?

Che underscore Lee said...

reza said...
aah kena langgor...takper..ok lagi dari rempuh masuk rumah orang


lawak plisss, cam tu paling lawak sgt rempuh rumah org tuh!!!

dan sorry tak interested wanita bogel