Sunday, January 11, 2009

Me likey these 20 movies

2008 was a good year..seriously..aku puas..with some minor disappointing movies i.e quantum solace, indy 4..but all in all bagus gak ah keluaran last year.These are my favs.

20. Mamma Mia

In all seriousness this is a stupid flick..however..I can't help but love thinks ABBA is cool enuff. (i'm so gonna get burn after this)

Fav Scene : Part Mamma Mia, Meryl Strep gila cute rasa nak tekan2

19.Definitely Maybe

Lovely flick, it was either this or 27 dresses but ultimately Isle Fisher won me over Katherine Heigl. Oh the kid is cute as a button too.

Fav Scene : Cerita Isle Fisher's dad (in the movie)

18.Pineapple Express

Stoner flick..lama tak layan stoner flick yg aku rasa lawak gila...last was Jay and Bobs films kot..apa2 aku rasakan cerita nih lawak..kudos to James Franco who surprisingly act well as a stoner.

Fav Scene : Anything that involves Red

17. The Strangers

Though it's mighty slow, I love it!It was weird it was chilling plus it had a great cast. Me only problem is the pacing and how abrupt the ending was.

Fav Scene : Is Tamara home?....brrrrrrrrrrrr

16. Horton hears a Who

Never thought I would like it, in fact this movie stayed in my pc for quite some time before I decided to see it.The strongest point why I love this movie is the message. Think of it like Meet the Robinsons last year...highly underrated.

Fav Scene : err the elephant's determination to help the who near the end.


If not for the sudden change to Mediaeval times I would rate this movie much much higher (i know grammatically incorrect but it sounded nice)Anyhoo me like how it pays homage to loads of flick and! The lead (Rhona Mitra) is Haaawwwtt ~~~~ (nada choir)

Fav Scene : The chic fight --meow!

14. Taken

Recommended by J.T, and it was good..truth be told me never heard of this movie, but it was good, intense..action packed and it stars Maggie Grace..eheheh.

Fav Scene : "Ok ok lets make a deal..*BANG!"...niceeeeee

13.Kung Fu Panda

Decided to hate it before it came out, dont ask me why..i wonder myself too.But turns out its a great flick.Really laughed a lot watching this flick. OH OH and the fights scenes are really well made a choreograph.

Fav Scene : The Training sequence.

12. The Ruins

It had a great villain/monster..nuff said.Plus mucho points for the gore.

Fav Scene : Laura Ramsey changing..i kid u not.

11.Tropic Thunder

It took me a long time to watch this, first Nikkie borrowed me pen drive for quite some time (in which the movie is in). Then one whiny officemate complains a lot while we were viewing the movie which dampens me mood! (for fucks sake just watch the bloody movie)But it was worth it. I love how it relates to a lot of movie/real life actors. This movie mah mah mah mahkes me haaaapppyyyyy.

Fav Scene : A viet dude to Ben Stiller - "You Should have won an oscar"

Top 10 next post.Mesra.


Edd Vedder said...

nice list dude..
i would love to see ur top 10. Maybe tak sama dgn list aku kot.. hehe.


reza said...

thanx, i've check urs.sesungguhnyer jauh beza

mahhass said...

mana top sepuluh nya, dah dua malam aku tunggu nih wehh

Reza said...

takkan ler tertunggu2 sangat...ahaha ntah apa2