Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Turds of the Year

Coincidentally last year same nak get straight to the point. Last year agak banyak movie yg agak hebat suckiness level nyer. Here's MAH 10 :


Why : It garner loads of hype before even coming out, unbeknownst to me it was all due to the fact that chix are going gaga over Edward the lead...sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh! The movie was dull ...seriously dull.And the vampires...shesh..buhsannyerrrrrrrrr!..i know i know it's a love movie...but hey ada jer vampire love movie yg way cooler(kot..nothing comes to mind now..shitto)..ah whatever..all i know is that they ruin vampires mythology. should have leave this fiction to the books.

Saving Grace : Baseball scene..pretty cool

9.The X-Files

Why : Much anticipated movie..turn out to be a turd..another way boring movie..Where's the conspiracy?monsters?aliens?supernatural mumbo jumbo (ada skit actually)..what we got is another love story + some stupid random case.Haiyaaaaa! emo emo.

Saving Grace : Amanda Peet..lama x nampak di layar

8.The Forbidden Kingdom

Why : Come on u put Jet Li and Jackie Chan together and the outcome is crap? Hish..what a waste.Story and action wise was cool but yg lain fail.Production wise bagi aku laughable. Characters are lame...and Jet Li should stick with none speaking roles cam Devon Aoki. Mesra.

Saving Grace : Jackie Chan.

7. The Mummy 3

Why : Well why not? Where do i start...casting sucked..i.e new wife and brendan's supposedly 20ish y/o kid and even the god the Yetti sucked.It is cool derang try to make a mummy movie from China..but somehow it didn't work..oh fyi..production is also laughable here..gila cam main2 cerita nih dibuat.

Saving Grace : Eh i dunno..the was there a dragon?

6. 10,000 B.C

Why : It just sucked leh? Not to mention historically incorrect (well known fact by now) plus the theories and visions all are downright laughable

Saving Grace : Pakcik albino dengan suara kepit yg kuar dari hidden dungeon mana entah..he made my day.

5. Babylon A.D

Why : Cause i don't know where the direction this movie is going. Dan Michelle Yeoh buhsan.Kemudian aku lost kat tengah2..terus mengharap aksi lak..dimana OH buhsan maksima.

Saving Grace : Submarine scene

4. One Missed Call

Why : Sloppy...just plain sloppy.Leadnyer lak belakon cam tgh sleepwalking, Painful movie to watch..avoid.

Saving Grace : Megan goode's lurah dendam

3.Feast 2

Why : Personally for me it went downhill comparing to the ever awesome first Feast. The first was a fun ride..funny and gory. Now it's just gory with stupid jokes and weird sexual innuendo that i personally find sick. AND the onscreen dead baby...too much..i still have a line that I wish not to cross.

Saving Grace : Editing is still slick..and the biker chix are hot..kecuali makcik tuh.

2. Doomsday 2012

Why : Ok it's made for video..i should know what to tak actually i didnt expect nih..cause I wanted to watch Doomsday!..tgk2 cerita sialan buhsan mana entah yg mempunyai dialog yg sangat lucah dan lakonan yg sangat leh wat aku jatuh kerusi..the end..(yg bestnyer leh lak aku tgk sampai abih)

Saving Grace : Saving grace my fanny

1. Disaster Movie

Why : I know i should expect it..and i did (kalau tak spartans ngan superhero movie dah ada dlm list yeh)..but this is way bad, way way bad.Plot gila jumbled up pastuh banyak gila scene yg saja dipanjangkan nak fit 1 hr 15 min plus slot. And paling penting...tak lawak langsung..setakat lembu2 jatuh atas orang apa lawaknyer? Arggh pening2 tgk cerita nih kat pawagam (free tix yeh)

Saving Grace : End credits..seriously! ada lagu lawak gila.

Allright next up..the hot movies..
Nearly made the list : Indy Jones, The Happening, Shutter, Nims Island yg maha buhsan dan Zombie Strippers.


mahhass said...

Doomsday 2012? Owh inilah citer yang kau tersalah dload tu eh? Betul nyer salah tu. Hahahaha

Yesss, Disaster movie memang deserved abih no. 1 worst this year.

eDa said...

Oh aku sangat setuju dengan ur top 10 nih! mungkin ada a few yang masih aku belum tonton..tapi yang siap ada dalam list aku sangat setuju! ;P

reza said...

ya tuh lah cerita yg menipu aku...hantu tul..tapi entah kenapa leh tergoda nak tgk sampai abih.

eda, ada 2 -3 tgk ngan kor kan..adei lah..we need to choose carefully nampaknyer

Che underscore Lee said...

heyy.. Forbidden Kingdom ok ape.. xde la sucky sangat...

10,000 BC best sebab lead actor je :P

fadz said...

only 2 of the movies u mentioned i wathced, X files and Babylon AD.. haha, maybe i have the tendecy of running away from turds! btw, no, for me X files, as an x-phile is not dat bad lah.. its still fun watching gillian talk weird and david trying stupid things.. its a real treat.

believe it or not, 10000bc pun wa tak tgk lagi!

Jujus Oren said...

sib baik 2 daripada 10 movie tu je aku tengok.. i always aim for the best movie.. haha

reza said...

izar : lucah..tuk 10,000 b.c dan entah aku cam tralalala hebat dlm pawagam cerita forbidden kingdom..

Fadz : lain kali i have to cosult u 1st then..tapi serious...sangat seksa tgk most of it kat pawagam...specially disaster movie...btw kawan aku tgk tuh die hard...dia siap nak bakar baju X besar dia :P kan ju kan

Ju : sudah!

Ed said...

tadi macm ada benda aku nak komen... pastu da baca sampai abes... luper pulak... neway happy new year!!!!

Jujus Oren said...


reza said...

tak faham ju...esok xplain ya