Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Overated Horror Classic

Baru2 nih bila aku masuk website/reviewer fav aku Arrow ada article baru top 10.Dulu rajin gak aku wat top 10, neh skg maleh dah skit. Tapi top 10 baru nih cool cause cam banyak benda aku leh agree...tapi ada gak benda aku tak agree on. Latest topic is about Top 10: Overrated Horror. I'm not gonna list out every movie in the list cause takut plagiarism if copy paste all. Well here goes;


I know this is Jessica Alba, saja letak cause aku benci dia

What he said :
Don't get me wrong here. PSYCHO is a great movie for what it is. Unfortunately so much has been taken from it that when you watch it nowadays the movie does not hold up. The scary scenes aren't scary, the kills are in some ways kinda silly, and the end reveal, well it's been pretty well revealed. I still think there are many reasons to watch the flick, but as an example of best of genre? Not so much.

What I think :
Eh, pretty scary gak ah shower scene and it's pretty much well made. Tak lupa gak org disangka heroine mati awal..dimana bagi aku agak rare. But other than that...mmg xlah scary sangat..eh tapi Anthony Perkins cool per lakonan.

9. SAW

What he said :
This is somewhat painful to admit, because I've interviewed James Wan and think he's one of the most awesome and sincere guys working today. But I just didn't dig the first SAW. Traps and concept were cool for sure, but the overall pace and especially the acting fell flat for me.

What I think :
Greatest ending ever...thats enuff for me. OH dan I dont' agree with this --->acting fell flat for me

7. The Birds

What he said :
We might all have fallen victim to the Hitchcock mystique a bit with this one. I mean, how bad could it be? Well, pretty bad actually. The problem is that birds aren't scary. You could put Hitchcock in charge of a movie about spoiled lunchmeat and it's still just a movie about bad bologna. I get why he wanted to tackle the Earth run amok concept. It just wasn't the right way to go about it. No offense Hitch.

What I think :
Aku tak baca pon actually...tapi bila aku nampak nih dlm list aku tepuk tangan cause bagi aku highlyyyyyyyyyyyy overated..burung? u kidding me? burung? though scene dlm phonebooth tuh agak classic ah gak(mana taknyer diremake merata2)..but stil..burung? hish.

6. Last House on the Left

What he said :
Shocking! Horrible! Torturous! Um, boring. Last House may have been sick and crazy in it's time, but there's hardly anything in the flick that you couldn't show on network TV anymore. Any serious impact that might still exist is pretty much destroyed by goofy music and over the top performances. I'm not saying you should watch this with your mom, but don't expect to be blown away either.

What I Think :
The one in Bold...amen sister..hey hey hey. Seriously Torturous My Fanny.


What he said :
Great effects no doubt. But great movie? Not so much. Sure the last line is awesome, and there's some sexiness to be had, but overall we're talking about hamhanded dialogue and overlong waits for the good stuff. Even SILVER BULLET is a more entertaining werewolf flick on balance. For that matter, so is TEEN WOLF. Want amazing effects to go with your wolvie craving? Get AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. Want some cheap genre popcorn that will seem better than it is? Well here ya go.

What I think :
I actually like Howling, hmmm effects COOL ok...wolf dia besaq lagi menakutkan..nonetheless dia betul dari segi American Werewolf is better.Entah susah nak ckp..but aku rasa it aint bad


What he said :
Jack's amazing in this. No doubt about it. And some of the images at play are haunting for sure. Creepy twins, elevators spewing blood, axe's tearing through bathroom walls, redrum, and "Here's Johnny!" All great stuff. The problem is that the overall plot of the film is super superficial compared to the original work. Don't believe me? Read it. Or at least watch the excellent mini-series. Kubrick's a genius, but this was a minor effort with little to recommend it beyond, "Wow, Jack was great!"

What I think:
Jack alone held this movie, Jack alone did great, Jack alone is enuff to make this a great movie..great yeh..and I prefer this than the Stephen King Mini-siries (ok aku admit aku tak tgk abih pon mini-series to)


What he said :
I can't for the life of me figure out why people love this flick. It's one of the few times I've truly felt a remake did a better job than the original. Not only are the characters completely uncharismatic, but the intensity of the film (outside of the first kill with the mallet which is bloody awesome!) just ain't there. Overall it's like 10 minutes of cool stuff and the rest is just boredom and pain.

What I think :
Bergenang air mata aku baca nih #1. I like this flick, 1 thing though I agree that the remake is one of the better remakes (but it doesn't surpasses the original). Tapi come on!...minah last kena torture tuh best yeh...bagi aku gila realistic lakonan minah tuh..pastuh ngan tarian hula si Leatherface wat kat ending tuh nuts...NUTS. btw nuts=cool

Fyi to all; blog nih akan flip flop sat tutup sat buka kerana aku tgh cuba revamp skit layout.Jangan mara..semua nyer bermula dari hati ku


** JT ** said...

apa review nie?! all best pulak?! review nie tak leh pakai la...lol

the last hse on the left tu ha...is DISGUSTING! I also agreed on the other review saying is boring! IT IS BORING, crazy, not that scary too.

Reza said...

nih bkn review...nih list old horror movie..
nway...the one u recently saw is the remake lah amoi...i like that one in comparison to the original

** JT ** said...

opsie...thats all i can say...
to guys, they will say GIRLS = DUMB! lol

Nazim Masnawi said...

Nice list, guy. Pretty much agree with most of it, especially Psycho (for the longest time, I thought I was alone on that).

Maybe I would put The Exorcist among others as well.

Reza said...

Nazim :eh jgn salah fhm not my list...i just read through it and copy paste.
as for exorcist..me thinks ok pe...the first 1 hr leh ignore kot..but after that is good enough for me.
the one movie that I would add in the list is Rosemary's Baby.. now THAT...i didnt get

Junie : I call that bimbo :P

Che underscore Lee said...

Rosemary's Baby horror movie ek? ahaha... ok aku x penah tgk.. penah dgr nama je byk kali :P

p/s: wahaaa nak revamp laa? kelles nyah!!

Reza said...

dah malas...emo banyak sangat masalah
tapi if blog lock lagi tuh tgh cubaan lagi lah tuh

Siberkop said...

Word of the day = CRIDUCH

Tapi ending ko mmg terbaik. Mcm ending Sixth Sense. Semuanya dari hati nyahhhh~

Reza said...

nasib ada unsur movie comment kor..kalau tak aku delete jer

Ed said...

rosemary's baby and the exorcist is my classic favourite okay... why la...

Reza said...

rosemary tak cukup mengejutkan..for me...lagi aku apakah ada lah