Friday, June 13, 2008

How i turned to profanity for comfort

Hmmm where do I start...I'm really2 annoyed today...and majorly pissed, to think that I finally found a stress free place (at least i rarely complain nowadays right!)..and it all came crumbling down after some idiotic comments from one of mah team leaders @ my department meeting, which lead me to conclude that u can never avoid racism ...EVER!...

Here goes, Agenda #2, someone suggest it might be a good idea to rent a bus/van for us night shift losers to take us out for "dinner".Obviously the boss shot the idea down but..he wants a reason..and get this...:

"no's very hard for us for us to eat outside, some more Syahid (muslim from India) sometimes want to join us since he don't have transport. But we can't always take him since we want to eat non halal food from time to time" it's actually longer with more blah3..but u get the point..i hope

OK rewind!!!!WHAT! the evil eye and such.First off a history lesson, Syahid loads in mah depart..since he doesn't have anywhere to sit..and since he's an immigrant obviously he doesn't have transportation..which leads him to candidly join us for food outings..ANDDDDDDDD I NEVER THOUGHT THERE WAS EVER AN ISSUE UNTIL NOW.

Here's the problem i had with THAT reason.

1.It's uncalled for...and irrelevant to the MAX.What does Syahid not eating PORK..have anything to do with this...are they obligated to bring him anywhere?Do we need to baby him?
2.If he was left behind, will he bawl and hide himself under the table in a FETAL position? fact once..or twice..i notice he just called MCD after they all left him..and again...what if he cries/whines...ur duty KAH to console him?jeeez.
3.why bring in religion into this?..i wasn't actually offended by this..but the other muslim guy in my dept..was..he said that he felt everytime he went to dinner with em seems dishonest since they actually love PORK more than the average mamak stall.

and FYI the boss even felt weird about that remark...he said.."xleh tapau ke?".."u have to eat pork everyday?"...and this is coming from a self proclaimed PORK lover yeh..and as mentioned above..."why do u feel obligated?"...soooooooo TRUE...pekejadah tiba2 involve halal and non halal ni? It really sounded like ITS A BURDEN for them..and do i actually care if i don't eat with them...HELLLLLLLLLLLLL NO.WOULDN'T EVEN BOTHER YEAH!.syahid?...well can't say for him..but he seems to survive all this..

there's like tons more to say but by now i forgot half of it..however me and the other muslim guy went out to eat @ JAA's Taj Mahal since its such a burden for go non halal food..go go..we're giving u the chance..FOREVER.

p/s : dari aku layan meeting bullshit tadi...baik aku teman milo lepak tadi..nyesal tak jawab..sorry luv...oh satu lagi, i need to i wrong to feel offended by this?i need to know

p/s part two : ooooooooh forgot to mention..the thing that pisses me off is not about the fact that they seemed burden in bringing us out to eat..but the fact that they're using that as an get bus/van transportation during nite shift...THEY REALLY DONT HAVE TO SUGAR COAT IT..just say..minyak dah naik bang..tlg2 lah kami sikit..DAH...the end


pekdah said...

wahahaha.. terkejut gak baca ayat-ayat sadis team leader ko.. giler cam kejam siot.. bg aku la.. tkder org ckp aper aper ke? best nyer kalo ader yg berbalas pantun masa tu!

Reza said...

balas pantun?
since i'm fairly new there...tak berani,tgk lah..mana tau aku balingg assignment lagi ke?
tee hee hee

Ed said...

conclusion ko menarik... minyak naik harga... true... but to exploit religious stuff as an issue, its bullshit...

Dela said...

i face this @ my office almost eveyday. (u know whyy). used to it sampai can whatever, dah sudah aku gi makan sendiri. abih citer. no fuss.

Reza said...

tuh lah nyer..tiba2 timbul alasan tak masuk akal pesal..perlu lah cover2 belakang alasan lain..bak kata dela..butch!

Che underscore Lee said...

u have all the rights to be offended... kalau sampai ke Ministry of Human Resource ni sure naya je asst manager tu

Reza said...

betul2!...if aku complain mau nyanya....muahahaha...takper bagi derang chance explain ari senin kelak

milo boyd said...

woo terok! opis aku ramai anican jugak..tade laa makan babi hari2..n slalu je carpool ramai2 unless derang nak gi makan babi..which is once a week je kot...never be a problem kot..

see..they eat too much pork..thats y they cant think rational!