Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Me stress but good stress :D

2 weeks stretch after I got back from Ipoh, me manage to locate 3 horror flicks which excites me. All 3 of em made me go's gory, over the top and very very hard/stressful to watch...tapi mlm karang review..baru perasan aku dah late for work...muahahahahaha

Ok finally can review cause esok cuti!!whopee!...anyhoot..cerita atas is titled Rogue..kisah this big ass croc which stalks unexpected tourist on a ride along the australian river..(dunno which)..their huge boat got knock (by the croc) hence they got stranded on a lil island.How do they fare against this mutha ef croc?Check it out

Review...ku sukaaaaaaaaa cerita nih,finally another croc movie done well(am refering to Black Water) and both from Water was intense but slightly boring..but this's intense..nice pace and great action.I was at the edge of mah seat during this one climbing scene!...and the last fight with the croc in its lair...takut siot!..serious takut.

aku cuak time adengan nih

The croc was amazing...loving it..though CG,it looked real and menacing..also the dark scenes help em cover any unwanted bad CG..and talking bout dark scenes..most of the scenes are pretty dark..but it works!..specially during any rapid swimming scenes..All in all this flick is great..and with the cast that includes Radha Mitchel (Pitch Black) and Michael Vartan (ALIAS)i was already sold during preview..must watch.

Next Up is Inside...terus terang aku cakap this movie is not for all (pandang ajurina)...cerita nih twisted gila..dan tak lupa gory..About a preggy lady who is left alone in her house during a holiday who then gets stalked by this crazy ass bitch that can give Michael Myers a run for his money.

Cerita nih...lebey intense dari cerita rogue di atas..malah i found it really really hard to watch..bukan sebab gore ke apa.Cause victim nyer wanita ngandung...brutal seh wanita saiko tuh kenakan dia.She got stab kat tummy!of all places..then muka kena toreh...then tangan kena stab..lempang...perut kena tumbuk..segalanyer lah...tak ke saiko?...the bitch really wants this lady dead...but why..?haaa tuh kena lah tunggu last2.

Cerita nih best kerana pacing dia cool..memula stalking scene tuh takut..terkenang michael myers tiba2 muncul kat belakang ngan topeng putihnyer.Then bila the bitch dah tayang muka..woah...action/gore galore..and like i said..intense gila aku tgk cerita buktinyer french people are freaks(movie nih french fyi)..satu jer off...ending dia..ada satu adengan nih leh WTF sat..tapi takper lah..the flick still rocks!..must see tuk dela..tentu dia suka :P..ju..sila avoid.

Last one is Frontier(S), kisah 5 ekor perompak or whatver (sub sucked fyi)..yg tgh larikan diri dari police..and then they stumble upon something like a homestay?..which is resided by this weird looking family (nazis actually)..then all hell breaks loose..the bad guys become the victims...and do i care? really.

This is another French flick, so...well cerita nih ok actually..tapi..if u've seen stories like Hostel,Hills Have Eyes,TCM...the flick really have nothing much to offer...except for the gore..loads of gore here.other than that? nothing much really..but it's worth a look gak ah if ur into horrorflicks..and thats the end

on side note...
baboon minyak naik 1...dan 2, kepada Ed..aku not really good at this but...stay strong ek..that's all i can say.

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Che underscore Lee said...

chehh gile lambat ko tau minyak naik..

even aku xtau paper, Ed, be strong jugak menempuh apa2 juga dugaan!