Friday, February 18, 2011

10 - 01

Yeah idle time in office..!so we continue

10.How to Train Your Dragon

This year animated movies agak gempak, ikutkan nak jer letak Despicable Me gak dlm list but alas all 20 spot have been filled..klu mau buat sampai 25 lak ngengada lah kan. Anyway..HTTYD, I like how mature this movie is, normally I would be like "Cartoon nak tgk wayang? Zaman dah lepas da" unless it's something yg should be good Toy Story..but going into HTTYD I felt the movie is generally for well...the general and me...over 50, over 30. I didn't really feel out of place watching this movie without a kid in tow. But honestly most animated movie feels really mature nowadays...well for this year maybe except Tangled. Hmm what else...ha then there's the dragon...way cute! Visual wise awesome! when Hiccup was riding on the dragon soaring through the sea ...woooah beautiful. And finally I love how the movie ended..pretty gutsy if you ask me.

Defining Moment : I love the final battle with the big bad dragon..and also the outcome of the battle


This was recommended by a friend of mine..Pam. Movie was marketed as a thriller..and it actually looked like a thriller. I'm basing this solely on the trailer and title, Catfish? intriguing...what is Catfish? Anyway after venturing through the movie...I'm like...errr Thriller lah sangat!..Personally It's more of a mystery flick made under the same vision of Blair Witch. The mystery was pretty cool ...but the journey of the lead dude in the movie is the main attraction. Supposedly this is a true story of a man's journey to meet his FB friend..I won't spoil anything else...the end.

Defining Moment : The admirer's lies and deception.

8. Piranha 3D

Yeah I'm into these sort of movies..this movie will never win any major award..but that's what I love bout it..It's made solely for fun..and fun it is...can't wait for the sequel...double Ds y'all!

Defining Moment : Underwater ballet...try topping that!


A modest flick..with a modest budget...that came out of nowhere looking like a B grade tv-movie flick...but when I finally got the chance to see it..I was impress. No doubt it does have a tv-movie feel in it (production wise) but put that's a great movie where you are rooting for the cast to live (like finally!..non annoying humans)...hmm what else..oh well like I's a simple flick with great

Defining Moment : Werewolf attack..the crunching noise is pretty..eeekk!


A flick I know a LOT of Malaysian didn't like..the cinema I was in..most of the people in it whine about the movie..and I'm like u kidding me? Like Frozen this is another highly simple movie but with high results. Granted the lead dude is only stuck in one place..and the whole movie is bout a dude in one place..I was still intrigue and felt tense the whole way...also like Frozen..I wanted the dude to live. Great great movie...double love

Defining Moment : Ryan Reynolds acting chops

5. Other Guys

The best comedy flic last year ever!..I was in tears!..Will Farrel again delivers a weird dumbass movie...that is beyond believable but works!...kudus...more of this type of movies please!!!!!!!

Defining Moment : Still a fav...the old lady scene...fuhneeeeeeeey!

4.Kick Ass

Another B-day movie...and I wasn't expecting this movie to came out of nowhere...and wasn't even marketed widely here in Malaysia. So boooo whoever marketed this wonderful was fun (my kinda movie), gory (my kinda movie)...and pretty smart (not really my kinda movie but a bonus). I love this flick than that wannabe what the hell is this movie about Scott Pilgrim (pui!)...and Hit Girl Rules! yeah!

Defining Moment : Hit-Girl against the gangsters @ the loft..yeah!

3.The Devil

Scare I was at this manage to make my skin crawl..brrr. Great settings great atmosphere...and the who's the devil plot made me glue to the screen. Plus the interesting folklore bout the Devil (hints of Shamalan) made me google the net searching if there's such ini berjaya in so many levels (no pun intended)...more frightening movie like this plsss...(dan tolonglah kuar kat Malaysia cepat skit!)

Defining moment : the reveal

2.Social Network

Interesting, factual and smart/sarcastic dialogue made this movie majorly watchable..this movie wasn't on my radar..I pass gas when I saw what was showing that week...then I watched it..and I was proven was RAD!..the movie made me feel smart..eventhough I really wasn't..but still a good feeling great movie..hope you win and oscar..but if uou didn't I really hope my #1 movie (though really unlikely)

Defining Moment : The first 5-10 minutes of the movie..I still love that scene with his girlfriend

1.Toy Story 3

The best Animated movie ever!..Toy Story never fail to impress..where sequels normally declines in quality Toy Story didn't..2nd was mightier than the 1st and the 3rd was superior than the 2nd. Movie is really heartwarming with some cute jokes thrown in there for laughs..and love the ending..sad...brought me to tears..nicely done.

Defining Moment : Thanks guys...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

so that's all folks..ta