Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Noroi The Curse 2005 - scary shit

Recommended by I recommend it..pretty freaky. Expected though since it's coming from the Japs...they do know how to make a horror flick. Noroi is like Blair Witch meets Ju-On..story follows a dude documenting a series of what at first looks like random supernatural events which later comes full circle in the end. There's a nice flow here,you'll end up like me going.. "ooooh ni yg tadi earlier blah blah blah yada yada hubba hubba..". The scares are definitely there..was freaking out specially when I sense something is about to happen (do wander your eyes around the screen..u'll see some "stuff"). Good thing is the scares don't rely on BOOM's more towards the atmosphere..brr
And then there's the Ju-On element...where u hear unwanted traumatizing sounds..I hate that, I slow down the volume everytime that happen. And then the ending...brrr...freaky last image...Do watch it people...but seriously..not alone


Miss Brat said...

Hehehe boleh jugak kalau nak tgk sorang2..but make sure bila part takut tu whatsapp or YM kawan soh temankan ye? :P

reza said...

shhhhuuuuush jgn bitau org :P