Wednesday, February 09, 2011

An apology post to Lyn :P a tweet from Ms Lyn saying betapa sick nyer this one sick scene dlm a Serbian Film. Actually I've totally forgotten bout this movie leh? I only recommended it due to the gore + disturbing factor AND the LOL kill scene. Heck this one kill scene mentioned by Arrow in his top 10 memorable kills 2010 is the main reason that made me wanna watch Serbian Film...(if ur reading this Lyn...ia adalah the death by fellatio tu)...after recommending this I forgot about the quite offensive rape scene of a baby! ...which is definitely out there...(really really out there) sorry Lyn...oops...moh tgk wayang The Rite / Sanctum for the next movie day ok.. :P

p/s: I won't recommend this movie for the faint heart..and I don't actually think it's a good movie...near average ...BUT the movie is definitely perverted and sick

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My reply post to you hahaha