Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a double dose of Portman

Weekend lepas..booked The Rite..@ 3 places, Alamanda (if I malas mau jln jauh); Midval (fav spot..nuff said) and Pavilion (aku gedik). Ended at Midval...and guess what...somehow the counter dude said my booking has expired..and I seriously got pissed..seriously..the time was 10pm...shows @ 1245am...pehal lak expire? then the dude said The Rite will only be showing next week (this by now)..fast check to GSC.com.my and whaddayaknow...mmg xda dah listing for The Rite...bloody hell ok! sia2 nunggu tgh mlm booking merata...last-last cancel..with no notification lak tuh ...ur net system suck ok GSC....sucked balls!...ok now I want world peace..

So ended up watching No Strings Attached (Nat Portman + Ashton Kutcher)..not exactly my first choice, nor second...but what else is there kan? So unwillingly went into the cinema...sat down and whaddayaknow ... I sorta like the movie...it's not award (any) contender worthy good, but it'll do...at least something to watch since the shows sorta sucked this past two weeks..nothing much I can add..just that I did laugh watching this movie...and at times LOL..so I guess I did enjoy myself..that's the main purpose of going out that day

THEN..after numerous reviews, comments and tweets finally got the chance to watch Black Swan..y late? Cause I was dumb enough not to check if the movie quality is cinema copy or good quality..the quality has actually been good for some time now...so watch it..and yeah love it...great movie..won't say my fav movie last year..but yeah..it may be in the top 10 if I've seen it last year.so the movie...really beautiful, the opening night show..specially the black swan dance was really impressive..seriously can see the intensity of that dance in comparison to Portman's earlier dance as a white swan. What else...ok the movie is also freaky at times...Portman's mom (hershy)? scary...Winona Ryder? SCARY!..I don't wanna add more cause Black Swan has been reviewed to death so let's just say...Black Swan is impressive..beautiful..watch it!