Sunday, February 27, 2011

Face Off Ep 4

Lama tak review tv series, been watching quite a number but one show stood out like a sore thumb for me last week. Face Off is the show and it's episode #4..Face Off is a show bout fx's sorta like Work of Art where contestant create an art piece and the least liked would be sent home....ala if you read my blog you would know I love reality shows...Survivor, ANTM, still watching these shows and anything that's in the same line as em.

Lookie lookie bates motel!

So what's great bout ep 4...for one...the first 5 minute the host talked bout the challange; "Create an orginal movie Villain" (SUKA!)...she continues, "with me today is our guest judge...who produced more than 20 films...including Friday the 13th (!!!!!), Deep Star Six (!!!!!wow!!).." and then I automatically mumbled...Sean Cunningham??...dan it is him!!!...hoho a legend man...legend!...but I've never actually seen what the dude looks this is a treat!!!

Anyway I love this ep...the process of creating the villain was fun to watch..this includes the look, the poster and the tagline...yum yum yum!...I'll leave you with some screencaps of the outlook of the challange.

p/s : past challange includes alien creature design, nude art paint (yes nude) and and human/animal hybrid