Thursday, February 03, 2011

Vanishing on 7th Street

Ok earlier today, saw this movie titled Vanishing on 7th Street, pretty solid movie with a not bad cast (Hayden Christensen, John Leguizamo and the ever hot black chic Thandie Newton), used but still cool plotline, spooky villain...and well spooky flick. Luckily I didn't see this instead of Ghost Doesn't Exist last night...cause I'll hide under the covers I kid you not.

There's always something bout shadowy ghost figures/ or the darkness that freaks you out, and here we have lots of it.These figures actually freak me out (though be warn that sometimes the CGI is laughable) which brings back memories of such movie like Darkness /Darkness Falls (don't judge me, I like that movie..LIKE ye) or even Mimic (the dark figure standing still part). Oh there's also reference of that town where the whole townspeople vanishes into thin air(supposedly)..Roanoke (love that myth..remember Stephen King's Storm of the Century?)

Ah me forget the plot, it's bout the world suddenly blackout then leaving a handful of lucky enough people to be near some light, roaming the land. You see..people are taken one by one in the darkness..yum.

The Downfall? It's lacking in the Y...I suppose we're suppose to figure it out ourselves but I do wish they give us what in the world are those dark figures...oh and Thandie was fully show of her curves..seriously BOO!but overall pretty solid flick..