Monday, December 23, 2013


God honest truth, I did not expect such great movies this year, I dunno bout you guys but it's really hard to narrow down to a mere top 20 flicks of the year...but right now like what I previously did on this blog (except last year) I'm noting down the flicks I can't wait for in 2014. So here goes 2014 flicks in random order (except #1 :D)..

Nurse 3D 
I've been waiting for this one since 2 years back, it was even in my 2013 movie to watch out for. It's your typical thriller with a mad chick antagonist really..but it's the kind of flick I dig. So.. (the 3D kinda pushing the envelope a lil bit too far though)

300 : Rise of an Empire
Tonight we dine in Hell! There! so there!

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
More ape-shit fun! Plus I wanna see what is in store next for Ceaser

Godzila 2013
I had no beef with the previous US version, It was a fun ride. But this one looks far out! Gotta check this out for sure

Devil's Due
One of the more better looking horror flicks for next year

Rec 4 : Apocalypse
I'm so excited for this one, Angela was a strong and cute lead..and I love all 3 previous flick + plus the american remake. Hope this one comes out at the cinema

Friday the 13th 2014 (if it comes out 2014)
The 13th Friday the 13th!...of course I wanna see this one, hope it's a battle royale between the previous survivors and Jason...wooot I'm peeing in my pants just thinking bout it.

Hunger Games Mockingjay I
I was just okay with the first flick (it felt like a tame down version of Battle Royale) but the 2nd one woaaah. Was impressed with Catching Fire, I saw it twice and really really can't wait to see what's in store for the next flick

The Hobbit : There and Back Again
Like Hunger Games, the first flick was meh, And then came Desolation of Smaug and woaaah was that a great flick..and the ending was one of the most !@$!@% ending screaming "we want more" ending ever! yeah I want to see the last Hobbit flick ASAP

X-Men Days of Future Past
Hello, big X-men fan here .. some fanboys are unhappy with the direction Singer is going with..but hey the dude gave 2 great X-men I even deemed as the best superhero flick ever. So give Singer a the trailer rocks hard! *please...we need you to hope again*

Honorable Mention
Maleficent  : looks hot
The Amazing Spiderman 2
Guardians of the Galaxy : good comic book could be a great movie
Wolf Creek 2
How to Train Your Dragon 2
Edge of Tomorrow : tom is good in picking great action flicks (well except Oblivion)
Paranormal Activity : Marked Ones

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ulasan Dari Rumah: World War Z

Memandangkan saya sudah amat jarang menonton layar perak. Hanya sedikit masa di rumah sahaja dapat diluangkan untuk menonton, itupun selepas selesai urusan keluarga.

Banyak juga filem sudah ditonton sejak beberapa minggu yang lepas tapi kurang masa untuk menaip ulasan di blog ini. Terima kasih abang Reza kerana masih beri peluang kepada saya untuk menumpang. Love you long time.

World War Z adalah gegambar bergerak dibintangi Brad Pitt atas arahan Marc Foster yang sebelum ini mengarah Quantom of Solace, sebuah aksi James Bond. Filem-filem arahan beliau yang lain saya tak pernah tengok atau mungkin sudah lupa isi kandungannya (contoh: Stranger than Fiction).

Filem ini yang disadur dari buku yang bertajuk sama tulisan Max Brooks, dikatakan tidaklah mengikut bulat-bulat ceritanya. Cuma mengambil semangat dan serpihan-serpihan yang boleh dijadikan episod permulaan (bakal ada sambungan bukan?).

Mudahnya, filem ini dipenuhi dengan aksi-aksi pantas. Mayat-mayat hidup yang pantas dan menakutkan, gerak kerja kamera yang baik (walaupun kebanyakkan aksi adalah gabungan imej perkomputeran), dan lakonan Brad Pitt yang matang (sebab dia memang dah tua tapi tetap cool).

Watak Brad sebagai Gerry Lane, bekas penyiasat untuk PBB perlu mencari asal-usul atau akar-umbi dari mana wabak Z ini datang. Beliau bergerak dari atas kapal ke Korea, kemudian ke Israel dan seterusnya singgah di Wales di mana tempat permulaan manusia untuk benar-benar melawan wabak tersebut.

Saya bayangkan filem ini seperti Batman Begins, apabila watak utama perlu keluar dari kepompong keselesaan meninggalkan yang disayangi untuk mencari pemulih kepada keadaan yang sedang berlaku di tempat asalnya. Oh, mungkin saya silap. Tempat yang Gerry pergi pun hadapi masalah yang sama.

123 minit yang saya tempuh untuk cerita ini terasa singkat. Tahniah untuk tuan pengarah sebab memuatkan semua yang sesuai dan tidak menjadikan setiap babak meleret dan bosan. Bagi saya hanya babak terakhir sahaja sedikit meleret itupun sebab Gerry Lane bermonolog sendiri.

Saya akan tunggu sambungan filem ini walaupun mungkin kena tunggu DVDnya juga.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Horror Movie Documentary

Continuing the Halloween theme I managed to track down the pretty much sought after Crystal Lake Memories : The Complete History of Friday the 13th...the documentary was 6 hrs plus long! Goodness! ...took me 4 days to finish it up but it was all worth it.

I consider Friday the 13th (along with Halloween and Scream) my top horror franchise regardless of the fact that the flicks are panned by the critics..Baahambug! So far there's 12 ..yes 12! Friday the 13th flick. Here's a a quick rundown of how I rate my Friday the 13th flicks from Awesome to Poo

1. Friday the 13th : The Final Chapter
2. Friday the 13th (1980)
3. Friday the 13th : Jason Lives!
4. Freddy VS Jason
5. Jason X (yes haters!..I love Jason X)
6. Friday the 13th (2009)
7. Friday the 13th 2
8. Friday the 13th 3D
9. Jason Goes to Hell
10. Friday the 13th : New Blood
11. Friday the 13th : A New Beginning
12. Friday the 13th : Jason Takes Manhattan

Each chapter? is feature like 40 min - 1 hr in the documentary. Each chapter gave insights or the behind the story of the makings of each Friday flick..some I already knew about but most I have no idea bout like the directors and stuntman cause honestly I mostly focus on the kills and actors in this flick.

Each Friday flick they call up some of the actors (that are still alive..and not a A grade actors..yes Kevin Bacon I'm talking bout you!) to tell their story..what surprises me the most was that Adrienne King (the original final girl) was supposed to comeback instead of being killed off in the second Friday. Also was sad to know that some of the people worked/acted in the Friday movie have moved on..was specially sad to hear Melissa (arguably the prettiest bitch in the Friday franchise) have passed on due to cancer..RIP.

Oh forgot to mention that even Friday the 13th the series was featured in this documentary as well. This is the only Friday stuff that I have not seen and I guess I gotta pick it up someday...someday. Now I was also pleased that they showed some of the deleted scene (poor quality though) that was never revealed, unfortunately according to the director, we never see the light of a director's cut of The New Blood which supposedly to have lots of great on screen kills ( Paramount burned the footage..according to em lah )

Near the end the actors lamented that it'll be cool to make a 13th Friday the 13th flick where they bring back all the surviving final girls and guys to duke it out with Jason...I would be so down with that idea..would love to see my fav Friday final gal Trish Jarvis from Final Chapter go against Jason again..don't know if that'll happen though cause I read few months back they're gonna do a Friday the 13th 2 (remake) ..but whatever as long as they keep making these Friday movies...I'LL BE THERE

Trish and Tommy Jarvis (played by Corey Feldman!)

Second documentary is My Amityville Horror (2012)

True story or not, that house does look scary
Amityville Horror is a horror flick based on the "true story" of the Lutz family which moved in a haunted house. The flick spawns 11 sequels (wow) and a remake...I've only seen 4 out of those 12..but really I'm not interested to watch of the sequels even revolve around a haunted dollhouse ..which unfortunately was one of the 4 I watched but fortunately I did not remember much about.

The original one however scared the crap out of me when I saw it around 7 I guess, that demon pig and red eyes image were imbedded in my brain forever. Okay so back to the documentary, Daniel Lutz recounts back the horror that happen in the house which to this day he believes did happen. You see, a lot of people were skeptic bout the family's experience ..people believe that the Lutz were just in it for the money.

According to Daniel though it was all real, he kept to himself for the past 30+ years but now he is ready to tell his side of the story, not only bout the haunting but also bout his step dad George Lutz which he obviously hate. Going through the documentary, I don't know what to think...I can see that the dude truly believes it did happen..but what shocked me is the appearance of Lorraine Warren ...

Familiar?...well she's the Parapsychologist in which The Conjuring 2013 was based on. Her husband and herself were one of the investigators. According to them the house was truly haunted...brrr. I guess the Warrens were legit paranormal investigators...overall this documentary was just okay cause he did not really talk much bout the house and the horror abound it but more on the dad...which yeeeeeeeeesh

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

So it's Halloween

It's Halloween month baby!...unlike last year in which I have ample time to watch movie daily..(yes daily) this year am not gonna do a weekly horror movie pick..not time ma. Fortunately .. this week, with the long weekend and all (oh Happy EID Qurban) ... I managed to catch...Insidious 2 (weee!) , V/H/S 2 and The of to the movies.

Insidious 2

The other movie I've been waiting for this year. Continuing right after the events of the first flick..Elise is still dead (awwww) but all is fine with the Lambert family..they got their kid back...unfortunately an entity hitched a ride back to the real world..ooweewwuuuuweeeeee

Let me start with;
I preferred the first surprise there cause it's really hard to surpass the 1st flick for any franchise (or a 2-part flick) The lady in black is less scary this time #1 I was shit scared with that ghost...then the other ghosts that linger around the Lamberts..yep nothing much..the only truly scary parts are when you don't see these ghost but can tell that they are around the dark corners..but when they show their ugly mugs..meh.

I also did not like the addition of the time traveling concept..hello this is not Back to the Future 2 where it is slightly connected with the events of the first movie. Plus, this is a horror movie...however there are an aspect or two that I like bout this concept, will get to that later.

The Further world, I did not like this mambo jumbo world in the first one, which I felt dragged the film down a lil. This world is still featured in #2 and still no likey. And lastly 3rd act felt a bit meh

Now the good, Patrick Wilson is the man! There's this one scene where his face expression change from a sickly man to a somewhat devilish grin was so awesome it brought me chills!..I was scared! rule man!

The ghostbuster dudes in the first movie that provided few laughs are back, and they are funnier! Love em. They provided much needed relief during those tension moments. The new medium was just okay..I still love Elise.

Now back to the time traveling aspect, I don't like it is cool cause it felt like the movie was planned to have a sequel from the get go, just like say....How I Meet Your Mother... :)

Overall it is still a good flick, just not as good as the first and The Conjuring ; 7/10

The Purge

I'm gonna make this short cause I have no time now all of sudden.
Once a year Americans are allowed to commit heinous crimes w/o being convicted, this day is called The Purge, and it was sanction by the government

The Purge has a great premise, great idea ... an idea where movie fan can talk bout "what if..this was real" ... "is this politically correct" ...however I was not rooting for the family in trouble here..especially the friend and I who watched this flick thought the same thing.."just sacrifice the kids and make a run for it!" ..the villain was cool...he looked / sounded menacing. His team was also awesome. And then we have the 3rd act which sucked so hard...the makers tried to add in a twist but yeeeesh..the twist sucke!

Overall 6/10

V/H/S 2

5 shorts in 1 film..all flicks are kinda like those found footage film which stories ranges from ghost to aliens! ..yes aliens!

I liked the 1st one better (big surprise) ..the zombie and alien story kinda suck. The ghost and cult story (cult flick is Indonesian made!) was good. I wanna focus on the Alien sucked..the hand held cam was shaking everywhere to the point of annoyance ...honestly there's no redeeming qualities from this short alien flick.

As for the Indon cult!...gory...weird..gut wrenching you got it!..The only problem I had was the demon that appear at the end..ha yeah that's it gotta leave

Overall 6/10

Monday, October 07, 2013

In a nutshell

Ok a fast one, 2 ++ since my last update..yikes!'s an short update of the movies I saw circa last month till now..some of em are actually short updates of mine via twitter.

I waited 13 freakin years for this?!?!?!? yeeeeeesh! (no I won't count Chronicles of Riddick)
Rating 4/10 (yeah I was really upset with this one)

The Lords of Salem
Sheri Moon - Sheri Moon! woo wooo! Lords of Salem is a step up from that WANNABE Halloween 2 remake, not saying it's really good..but Rob Zombie is heading the right least this flick is original..never seen something like this
Rating 5/10

Predictable ending but the flick have one excellent on screen kill..oh Stephen Moyer sucks in this..made me wonder how he's one of the leading dudes in True Blood (never seen TB btw)
Rating 6/10

This is the End
 It's funny but I think I'll enjoy The World's End (which haven't even premiered in Malaysia yet!) better 
Rating 7/10

The East
 Political flick, I myself wondered how I managed to finished this but I was intrigued , flick lost it's steam though near the end
 Rating 7/10

 Struggled at the beginning cause I was dead tired after doing overtime but the payoff at the end was so good that alone made me give this a good rating..but again, if only the pace is faster at the beginning.
 Rating 7/10

Hangover 3
Zach Galifianakis character now officially got on my nerves..what an annoying dick..but on the plus side at least this one was better than the 2nd
Rating 6/10

 For someone who does not know JACK bout F1..who lobbied the channel to be changed to MTV Movie Awards when everyone else wanted to see the race...who had to be dragged into the cinema to watch this...I kinda like this flick...great story
 Rating 7/10

Could've been better, great gory kills though
Rating 5/10

Curse of Chucky
 Chucky gets a facelift, I didn't like the new look..but try sticking out till the end..good ending, did not see it coming.

Rating 6/10

Fright Night 2
 Did NOT like this...after it ended I asked my friend the youtube link for Mr. Vampire 3 to cleanse myself off this shitty movie...a pity cause flick had Jaime Murray (whom I love from Dexter) in it

Rating 4/10

Houston in the blind....THIS IS AN AWESOME FLICK with great visuals / story / character development and suspense..I especially like the fact that we rely on visuals instead on sound when the satellite blew up ..this one is  a win!

Rating 8/10

Friday, August 16, 2013

Comic covers

Lazy day in office, so let's just write bout something shall we (speaking to self)

Lets change it up to comics shall we? But still in relation to movies. 2nd thing (but can be 1st..depends..I can't decide) I'm passionate bout is comics..been collecting since a wee bit (7 me thinks) comics are a tad expensive..and I'm trying to cut down on the titles I follow.

Thankfully I solely follow X-men related titles..Avengers? Me no likey..EXCEPT till recently (last Dec to be exact) I collected Avengers Arena. I know it goes against my strong believes that Avengers sux hard. Howeverrrrr...the name Avengers is just a title..this title compile a list of fan favorite from different teams in the Marvel Universe...taking teams from Runaways (never read but I heard it's good) , Avengers Academy , X-men Academy and Capt Britain Academy (newly introduced)

These mutant kids were brought together by Arcade (from the covers of X-men and Avengers) who before this is hardly a major villain. The kids are gathered on some mysterious island and are forced to off each other or die on the island ..sounds familiar no? Yep it's Battle Royale baby! ..even the cover of issue #1 pays homage to the legendary flick...see for yourself... I.....L-O-V-E IT ...maybe one day when I have the money I'm gonna frame it..who knows maybe one of those Great Britain kids (mostly first appearance here) will become a popular Avengers / X-men

The 2nd issue cover is amazing as well, it got me guessing awhile..I at first thought it was Apocalypse Now (boleh?) ..and after doing a bit of's a cover from Lord of the Flies's a book cover though..not the flick.. issue 3 and 5 continues with the movie cover theme..with issue 3 being The Hunger Games (pretty obvious) and issue 5 with The Clockwork Orange.

Lord of the Flies Homage

Hunger Games

Kid Briton posing as Malcolm McDowell

Issue 4 is a tricky one..I didn't find any mentioning of it paying homage to a movie flick..I could've sworn I've seen this cover somewhere..maybe you guys know? I was about to say Raging Bull but ooops that's not it. Have a looksie..

Any ideas?
And one of the more recent issue pays homage to Platoon...I didn't notice it at took me awhile to notice that this issue was a movie cover..also side note, this issue rocks hard..the sacrifice made by one of the cast member can shed a tear or two (maybe even bawl) for whoever loves this character..(she's pretty popular)

So that's it for today..comic cover that translate from movie posters...there are a lot more..another more interesting movie covers translated to comics is during the Necrosha run..they covered all the famous Vampire flicks posters..alas I didn't buy the issues..I only bought the Paperback version. I leave you with the Necrosha run cover..(not all)

Loving this one, John Carpenter's Vampires!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Cow Dung

Firstly..Happy EID to all who celebrates this wonderful month. Secondly, again since 2010 the tradition of watching a movie on first of Syawal is still going strong. This year the pick was Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters! was that or Smurfs 2 .. but Smurfs 2? heh...never gonna happen.

Unfortunately unlike Lightning Thief which I kinda dig, the followup to the first flick pretty much sucked. I'd say the whole story line fails to grasp any interest from me. It went too fast from one scene to another. The journey was lame and way too easy! Whenever the lead encounter any problem it was resolve pretty much at the snap of a finger. I don't get the sense of any real danger from the journey / quest the leads were in. Which says a lot cause the monsters/demons/god they encounter were hard hitters. It's Cronos! for crying out loud! Speaking of which...the end battle SUCKED so hard!

Plot holes! A LOT! I asked a lot of question going out the cinema, and some of the leads actions were weird and stupid ,I wonder why they are still alive. FX apart from the Horse thingy it was nothing worth screaming's also most definitely not worth the extra $$ paid for 3D.

Cast was ok I guess, Logan Lerman is a good actor I have no issues with the chap. Alexandra Daddario caught my eye in Lighting looks awfully scrawny, me also no likey the highlights. The newbies Douglas Smith (Tyson the Cyclops) and Leven Rambin (Clarisse) were a not bad addition . I told my friends Tyson looked a lot like a young Brendan Fraser and guess what..he was cast as "year old Brendan Fraser" in Blast from the Past. As for Clarisse, I liked her character..she got spunk. (chic was in Hunger Games and wrongfully canceled Scoundrels) The others were just okay, nothing noteworthy.

...except, now here comes the good. Nathan Fillion! Dude was cast as Hermes (not the brand). My friend heard me gasp when I saw him appeared cause honestly I did not know he was in this flick. His scene was the best scene in the entire movie, it was funny and true to what Fillion normally cast as (character wise) ..the insert joke about "a canceled 1 season - cult favorite show" was a hoot! to those that understand it. (i.e Firefly) Also not to just shine the spotlight on Fillion, Hermes talking staff was equally funny. Watch out for this scene.

With all that said..I still dig the mythology behind Percy. The demi-god, weird characters, Cyclops..etc..I still love watching stories about these..well things. But the lacking of a strong story and everything tied up neatly (and so easy) near the end really turned me off at times. Luckily there was Mr Fillion to lighten the mood (eventhough it's really just a 5 - 10 minute scene) which is why I give it a so-so 5/10

Monday, July 29, 2013

Damn, this is some scary shit! - Brenda from Scary Movie

this is the poster I gave to Lyn as a thank you for being an awesome movie bud..and now I want one too! LOL

Well hello there world! How have you been?

Been awhile I know, time is a factor...but not today! I have a horror flick to review, which I think is a good genre AND flick itself to jumpstart this blog since hey, I started this blog cause of my love of horror flick.

Anyway I saw James Wan's flick The Conjuring earlier. So far the dude has never failed me, all his flick rules, even the lesser liked ones (Dead Silence). Saw it with horror fan Lyn and Fadz who were equally excited to watch this flick.

Flick's bout this very adorable family who moved into a pretty run down (where you guys find this house!) house in the country. Life's all fine and dandy for the family until strange things started happening, knocks around the house, door shuts and opens by  itself, clocks stops at 3:07 (witchin hour yikes!) etc..and then...well, more shits happen.

So the flick? Bloody scary! Last movie I got really spooked was Insidious (another James Wan flick yay!) ..and maybe a little bit by Sinister 2012. It started out good with the haunted doll story told by these two roommates (yes more dolls, dude got a hard-on for dolls I suppose) then creepily the title pops up..yes I find the title card scene quite eerie..brought me chills. I guess it was the creepy score plus the word "based on true events" that appeared hauntingly before the tittle...whatever it is I got real chills there and then.

Story flow was good, minor scares at the beginning until the demon made it known it means business. I can honestly say that near every night time scenes,  something scary is bound to happen. The ghost/demon ? Plenty of em, which is why I like James Wan, he gives you a bevy of em all equally scary looking (I notice I'm using scary a lot) but the big bad..WOAH! Bitch have seen better days, it's also cool that the director never really gives how the whole ghost/demon looks's usually glimpse or very fast cuts or ghost in dark corners which really is spooky cause you don't know what to expect.

Fadz asked me earlier which scene scared me the most, now I got time to's definitely the peeking underneath the bed scene..that scene was brrrrrrrrrr! Kudos also to the kid that played that part Joey King (also in White House Down) When the kid was peeking to see what the heck was pulling her..I was like no no no! and started looking up ( I do that when I'm genuinely scared..less scary cat looking LOL)...

What else..the characters! Nice! . I was rooting for the whole lot, their backstory was heartwarming and honestly while I was watching I thought "if anyone dies I'm gonna be soooooooooo pissed"..but do they die? Now that you gotta go and watch it youself. Oh it also helps that the youngest kid looks like a young Drew Barrymore (cute!). Oh another Oh!, Lili Tomlin deserves recognition (preferably a nomination) specially for the last few final moments of the movie.

So overall..solid flick..I give it a 9 and thus far is my fav movie of the year (It was Star Trek II before, just so you know) now I can't wait for Insidious Chapter 2, I dunno how James Wan is gonna upstage this.

P/S: thank you for the great time Lyn and Fadz, and the very delightful people of Wangsa Maju who watched the flick along with guys were FUHNY! "NO NO IT'S LYING!..DON'T BELIEVE HER! NO NO! " screamed a fellow random movie go-er in the cinema (translated it's originally in Bahasa)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ulasan dari Panggung: Man of Steel & Furious 6

Wah, kawan saya Thanezra nampaknya dah lama tak menaip.

Mungkin sibuk dengan larian beliau agaknya. Apapun, itu hobi yang bagus. Kalau jatuh, bangun sendiri.

Saya hanya mahu kongsikan ulasan pendek dua filem yang ditonton baru-baru ini. Memang dah lama tak menonton wayang, jadi bila ada 'kejutan' baru sempat beli tiket.

Man of Steel

Badan Henry Cavill memang mantap. Lakonan boleh tahan. Aksi-aksi wayang ini saya terima dengan hati terbuka walaupun kadangkala terlalu laju untuk fokus pada satu-satu babak. Mana Zack Snyder punya kebolehan untuk kerja kamera perlahan (slow-motion)? Seperti dalam 300. Mungkin kalau dia guna sedikit dalam filem ini saya rasa lebih berkesan.

Saya cuba (sebab nampak nama David S.Goyer pada lakonlayar) untuk tak bandingkan ini dengan Batman Begins, walaupun taklah sama tapi serupa itu ada. Jeneral Zod dan kawan-kawannya macam abang Liam dan League of Shadows. Mereka datang bumi dan cuba ambil alih (bermula di Metropolis) macam apa yang cuba dibuat oleh abang Liam atau Ra's A Ghul kepada Gotham. Ternyata Superman dan abang Bruce Wayne duduk dalam 'dunia' yang sama tapi kalau boleh untuk permulaan cari la jalan cerita yang lain sikit. Clark, seperti Bruce berkelana untuk mencari siapa dirinya sendiri. Walaupun Bruce lebih kepada melarikan diri. 

Apapun, saya suka dan mula terbiasa dengan teknik penceritaan yang diselang-selikan dengan imbas kembali (ya, macam Begins juga). Dan Man of Steel, ceritanya tak mengecewakan. Permulaan yang baik untuk bertapak dalam zaman perlawanan filem antara komik.

Siapa yang comel? Mak Clark Kent.

Furious 6

Memandangkan saya bukan pengulas tegar, tak seperti abang Fadli TontonFilem atau Ajami Hashim, saya cuma nak kata yang filem ini sedikit lemah dari filem sebelumnya, Fast 5.


Baiklah sedikit ulasan. Perjalanan filem yang ini sedikit memenatkan kerana sepertinya dibuat terlalu pantas dari babak ke babak (kecuali babak akhir di lapangan terbang yang nampak gayanya lebih panjang dari landasan itu sendiri).

Babak awal kawan-kawan Dominic kejar pasukan Shaw dalam kereta, pengakhirannya sedikit mengecewakan saya. Mula saya ingat Letty tembak Dominic tapi kena bahu sahaja sebab dia kenal Dom (tapi menyamar sebagai kawan Shaw). Tapi rupanya Letty tak pernah ingat Dom, jadi kena tak tembak sepenuh hati. Sudahlah berdepan pula. Mungkin Letty tak sanggup sangat bunuh orang (seperti yang ditunjukkan sepanjang filem) walaupun pasukan Shaw memang tiada hati perut. Rampas kereta kebal kemudian lenyek orang dan kereta ikut suka. Geram aku.

Lakon-layar boleh tahan. Lebih-lebih lagi perhubungan antara Han dan kekasihnya Gisele dan juga lawak jenaka yang Roman sampaikan. Semua kena pada tempatnya. Tak minat sangat kepada drama keluarga Brian dan Dom tapi kecewa Dom tinggalkan Elena begitu sahaja. Saya tengok Letty macam tak kisah berkongsi. Roarrr!

Kalau ada peluang (KALAU ADA) saya nak tonton Pacific Rim sahaja lepas ini. yang lain saya tunggu DVD sahaja.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Which is the better prequel?

Had a long weekend and no where to go hence staying in it is, which is fine by me cause I need to start clearing files from my ext HD..saw a number of flicks but the highlight is definitely The Exorcist Prequels..yes plural.

Was aware that there are 2 versions of the Exorcist Prequel but never got the chance to see the 2nd version, the Paul Schrader's version...until now. But before that I decided to watch Renny Harlin's version first which is the official flick Exorcist: The Beginning for comparison's sake,and after watching both versions I found the near resemblance of each flick's still different in a way but the idea is basically the same. Let's compare shall we?

Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist Schrader's Version:

Based on Rotten Tomatoes it's the better version of the 2, but I disagree. I prefer the the version with the better budget (not this one) Let's start with the


- Gabriel Mann is the better Father Francis, he's more sympathetic
- The possessed one actually got me scared it's different
- it's not overly sensationalized, production value is simple at it's best
- more on the story rather than the shock value
- Stellan Skarsgård is great!


- biggest issue; for me it does not feel like a exorcist could be just any exorcism flick
- I know I said the tone down production value is a breath of fresh air but and some parts the fx was really sucky!
- I don't see the inner conflict Father Merrin is facing..
- the female actress...ugh

Exorcist: The Beginning Renny Harlin's Version :


- now this one felt like a Exorcist flick, I can see how this version continue over to the Exorcist that we all love
- faster pace, easier to understand flick
- there's a twist! no matter if you've guessed it or least there's a twist!
- gory I like
- Father Merrin's conflict is more visible here
- Stellan Skarsgård is great!
- the devil token is visible

- at times it looks like the makers are more interested in the shock value

hey...guess what I have not much beef with this version

in both version Stellan rules

So go figure I like which one better...honestly I don't understand the flack Harlin's version got back then..but I liked it..still it is interesting that they have 2 versions of this flick on the same year. This could make an interesting thesis or topic for movie makers

Friday, February 15, 2013

Schmoes Award

Sup people...been awhile..again!

I dunno it's pretty hard to keep writing down stuff when you have a lot of stuff to do.I seriously wonder how some people can update a full essay for one post. I even contemplating just leaving the blog, but it will a shame to me personally to just leave this blog after so many years.

Anyway just a short (I hope) update from me today.

There's this website that I visit frequently, introduce by my sidekick here Siber (the other write for this blog)..been following this site since my Uni days and love to vote for their yearly Golden Schmoes (their own Oscars,top 5 nominees were submitted by fans) and since I'm pretty lazy to update my top 20 fav movie / top 10 turds of 2012 I guess this will do. It'll give you an idea on what I love and hate from 2012. On a side note, I love this more than Oscars..oscars flick are somewhat pretentious..I have yet to see any of the 2011 nominated movie, not even interested actually..The Artist..really?..anynway..

Fav Movie Nominees :

The Avengers
The Dark Knight Rises
Django Unchained

Have not seen Argo...but this was an easy choice..Dark Knight all the way. Did not think Skyfall was THAT good like most of the world's for Django Unchained and Avengers..both fun flicks..but not my top 10

Worst Flick :

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Piranha 3DD
That's My Boy
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (Part 2)

Believe it or not this was pretty hard for me, I would vote any of these 5 movies except Battleship which I think did not deserve the harsh critic...but in the end Ghost Rider had my vote. Would voted for Twilight but I have not seen the movie (trying to be fair...trying)

Director of the Year? Joss Whedon for me..was a fan of him since Buffy..he deserves this credit. As for the other category..just check out the print screen a nutshell I love Cloud Atlas to death..the score is haunting and I love the storyline, I'm now planning to buy the novel + soundtrack and yes, a novel...god help me (I don't really read novels). Other obvious favorite is Cabin by The Lake which was my fav horror flick from last that's it..I end with..this should be the oscar or the Globes at least

Monday, January 07, 2013

it's 2013!

5 weeks it's been since my last post. reason really..just felt like I rather just watch movies than talk bout it..funny thing is I wanted to write..I already opened like 3 post before this..which was abandoned / not finished. Even this new post is sorta a half ass job (I did not check the whole movie list of 2013).

Typically for my blog this post would be available by December but I totally forgot to post it now my 11 most anticipated movies of 2013..

11. Mama

Saw the trailer when I was watching Pitch Perfect. The trailer was interesting enough and then..saw the name Guillermo del Toro attached to it (no not as director) and the anticipation to watch this one just went up a notch. Movie revolves around these two kids that were left to fend for themselves in the forest for 5 years. Now civilized their Uncle adopted em and before you can say baaaaaaad move..weird things started to happen.

Sounds good enough, and Guillermo movies are normally cool or at least visually stunning. Plus I got a few friends already interested in watching this flick..night out with friends watching a horror flick is always a hoot!

10.Man of Steel

Why this low? Well..I'm not really a big Superman fan..heck I'm not even a big DC fan. The only DC stuff I really dig is Batman. But Superman 2 was really fun..the villains that Ice Cold lady (I can't recall her name) and to hear the same villain (different actor) Zorg (right?) is being brought back...I say hey why Zack Snyder is the director! I'm not gonna check out more on the movie..I'll just book the movie when it comes out and hope for the best.

p/s: Henry Cavill as Superman? Great casting there!

9. Warm Bodies

A comedy bout a zombie who feel in love with a life chic.
1. Zombiessssssssss!
2. Great leads!
3. Horror Comedy in the lines of Shaun of the dead.
ergo ...yes! definitely yes!

8. A good day to Die Hard!

Jonh McClane is backkkk! Since Die Hard 4.0 is way awesome (eventhough they over did the action scenes) I can't wait for this one..specially after knowing Mary Winstead is coming back! yippie kay yay mofo! wooooooot!

7. The Last Exorcism 2

One of the better Exorcism related flicks (remember that horrible horrible The Devil Inside?) The first Exorcism was a shocking was pretty scary and has an interesting ending. Dunno what the 2nd one will bring..but I wait anxiously for it.

6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

Hehehe, hey I love this sort of flicks..A LOT. I grew up loving Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, Pinhead and of course Leatherface any chance to watch em on the big screen or watch a continuation of the franchise I'm game!..even if the chances of the movie gonna suck is high (it has come out in the are bad) ..

5. The Host 2

I love the first flick a lot..the monster fx and idea was cool. And the short preview of an attack scene from the 2nd flick looks intense!..can't wait to see the monster again.

4. World War Z

A zombie flick...on a larger scale! with a big budget! Am there am there!

3. Wolverine

Wolverine Origin sucked so hard, even non fans of Marvel hated it. It was so sooo wrong. I won't ramble on cause it'll be long..specially about the characters and history wise. Saying that..I still can't wait for this one..cause hey X-men ma. Plus it is set during his time in Japan where most of his better adventures are from.

2. Star Trek Into Darkness

I watched Star Trek Generations as a kid, liked Data..and that's bout it. The movies during Generations run was okay..but wasn't really diggin it. Then came Star Trek 2009 by J.J Abrahams; he made the Star Trek world way cooler than it was before. (to me) and the movie was mind blowing..changing the timeline was a bold move. And the cast! Love em all, seriously who thinks the past Uhura was hot please raise their hand! Most of the upgraded cast I really like, Uhura and Kirk especially...hoping the 2nd Star Trek movie by Abrahams will be as good or better than the first.

1. Evil Dead 2013

HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRAILER? It's gooooood! and hella gory! I'm there!

and that's it..

honorable mention :

Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral - if it comes out this year
OZ The Great and Powerful
Jack and the Giant Slayer
- Bryan Singer...nuff said
Beautiful Creatures - Emmy Rossum
Oblivion - I don't know much bout this one but the poster looks good (yes poster)
ABCs of Death
- horror anthology
Carrie 2013
Dark Skies